Photo by Sophie Brendle Photography


I'm Eileen Beaver. I live in Greenville SC with my husband Luke Beaver and our three girls (4 year old twins and a 1 year old). I love this city. I have a passion for encouraging creative community and believe in community over competition. 

My inspiration to create started when I was a child. I grew up in a very imaginative home and was encouraged to see inspiration all around me. We read lots of classic books, listened to good music and I was always encouraged to create my own world through learning and playing. 

I have a degree in Architecture and worked for a wonderful Interior Design firm for 5 years after graduation where I spent a lot of my time on construction sites and learning the ins and out of the business. I am forever grateful for everything I learned during that period of my life. When we found out in 2014 that I was pregnant with our twin girls, Drake and Emmy, I decided to stay home with them while working on flipping our houses, first in Columbia and now in Greenville. We have since added another little girl Wren who arrived fall 2017. 

I believe in slow decorating and bringing old houses to life. I strive to optimize floor plans and layouts for everyday living while staying true to the bones and time era of a house. 

I have been painting and lacquering vintage furniture pieces for 10 years and recently started selling at Cottage Grove Vintage Market in Greenville SC, so come see my pieces and shop!

Furniture design is a natural extension of home design for me. Having an architectural background introduced me to to overarching principle of proportion in design, no matter the medium. This love has translated  into designing and selling bedswings locally as well as designing custom pieces for my home. 

My heart belongs to my husband and girls and my true love is Jesus Christ.  Viewing God as the ultimate artist gives me such joy and inspiration in the little ways I get to create in my life.

Thanks for being here!